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We will outline how we will attack the standard obstacles to successful valuation for your Blockchain project and show how we have done this before by sharing samples of strategy, case analysis and prior partners, and proposing a way forward for you to boost your platform in Asia.
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We are a team of consultantscontent creators and event organizers assisting blockchain development teams in getting the message across in Asia, with a focus on China, Japan, Korea – and beyond.

We help to shape a consistent message about platforms and products, impending ICOs and core company stories, assist in in connecting with industry VC leaders, and locally community pioneers.

We do this through a combination of AI-assisted social media optimization, rewriting and editing of content and logistical support for Roadshows, AMAs and other live events.

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We provide a full package of PR campaigns that are designed to communicate your story locally with global emphasis and impact, roadshows where FinTech decision-makers, Blockchain VCs, Angel investors and those that chase the next big ideas that change the world are ready to become part of it.

We will offer end-to-end support in building or attending live events as a means of creating a community around you and/or including your story in the big picture of existing communities.

PR & Marketing
  • Influencer/KOL campaign(s)
  • Content Publications in/across APAC
  • Content Localization
  • Interpretation/Translation (Including WP)
  • Interviews (Based on Locations)
  • Tailor-Made Assistance on Demand
Digital Management
  • Localized Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • Digital Identity Localization
  • Local Media Interview(s)
  • Localized Digital Marketing
  • Tailor-Made Assistance on Demand
  • Coaching Startups on Pitching
  • Hand-picking Investors
  • Follow up Conversations
  • Facilitating the Development Process
  • Tailor-Made Assistance on Demand
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After months of steady and healthy growth, we are now looking to expand and add reliable and enthusiastic individuals to our team of moderators. The perfect candidate would navigate the professional discourse the position mandates as well as remain on friendly terms with our customers.

We offer a rich selection of intriguing projects and the opportunity to work alongside us to garner valuable knowledge about the “ins” and “outs” of the crypto world. You will learn more about the subtle nuances of the crypto assets available on the market and stay abreast with the latest developments.

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Primed and ready to embark on a new project, our service will assist you with your Initial Coin Offering and any deal that is pertinent to the crypto space. We will develop your concept and flesh it out beyond your expectations. Our company employs licensed and efficient practices to make sure your project succeeds. Please get in touch now